The standards attained in reading and mathematics at the end of Year 6 are particularly high. Pupils read widely, with good fluency and understanding; the majority have a reading age above their chronological age.”

Ofsted, November 2016

Our pupils showcase their work in their classroom and school displays, and share their achievements at termly parent assemblies and regular parent evenings.

Individual pupil assessments are undertaken by form teachers so that effective monitoring of personal targets, and intervention can take place at an early stage.

In our recent Key Stage 2 results 100% of pupils either met or exceeded their personal targets, with one new pupil (who entered at Year 6) moving from Level 2 in Level 4 during their 9 months in our Prep School.  Our pupils with special educational needs nearly all achieved the national expected standard, and exceeded their own personal targets.

This year we have been celebrating the achievement of one of our Year 6 pupils who came 13th overall in her selective entrance examination. Over the past 2 years we have 100% success rate for pupils who have entered selective entrance examinations.

For those pupils who continue to remain with Auckland College the majority of our secondary school pupils meet or exceed their personal targets in GCSE and alternative examinations.

We are proud of our pupils who achieve the highest academic standards (with some pupils sitting GCSE examinations in Year 9 and achieving top grades) but we are also proud of our pupils who take alternative examinations and exceed their own personal targets.  Our learning is individual based and we are able to stretch and challenge pupils in a way that is suitable to their own ability.

All of our pupils also graduate from our Enhanced Curriculum subject courses which help overall development and achievement of personal targets, as well as providing added value for further education and employment applications.