Business Studies

Business Studies is a very popular option at GCSE at Auckland College and all of the current pupils enjoy the subject content.

Key Stage 4

Specification: OCR GCSE Business Studies

Examination: 75%

Controlled Assessment: 25%

At Key Stage 4 students follow the OCR GCSE Business Studies syllabus. Business Studies at GCSE is both challenging and interesting at the same time with a lot of the course material taken from current news and well-known companies. All of this gives pupils a broad knowledge which can help if studying Business Studies or Economics at A Level or if pupils are moving on to employment.

Key Stage 5

Specification: WJEC A Level GCE in Business Studies

At Key Stage 5 students follow the WJEC A Level syllabus. This specification enables candidates to exhibit essential skills developed through Business Studies, i.e. their ability to analyse, apply and reason in different situations, using appropriate techniques, language and vocabulary.

Business Studies requires candidates to examine the decision-making process from the perspective of numerous stakeholders and they will need to be aware that decision-making and the resolution of business problems are informed by a range of issues.