Cooking Masterclass

Available Term 1 & 3
This enrichment programme is designed to support our students in developing basic baking, cooking and food hygiene skills.
The key elements of this programme are:
  • Following instructions
  • Health and safety – particularly food hygiene in the kitchen
  • Measuring ingredients
  • Flavouring and design
The overall aim is to produce a cookbook featuring all the recipes the students have tried.
It is our aim to develop the range of cooking undertaken, although current bakes the pupils complete include:
A range of learning takes place, which involves:
  • Learning that reading has purpose and that maths has practical applications, as they follow instructions and weigh out ingredients.
  • Learning to take precautions, wearing aprons and making sure the cake doesn’t stick to the tin.• Learning that heat is a catalyst and matter can change state.
  • Developing team work and to turn taking; as one person holds and the other stirs.
  • They learn to think for themselves, have an opinion and take risks. Who says you can’t add marshmallows if you want to?
  • Developing the art of patience.
  • Exploring the application of fractions and fair shares.
  • Considering different cultures, religions, holidays and celebrations.