Available Term 1, 2 & 3

Dance is about so much more than just performance. It can enable a person to communicate in a non-verbal way. It increases self-confidence and team spirit, increasing the sense of bonding within the group. Dancing enables people of all abilities to join in, allowing a level of self-expression perhaps not always open to everyone.

The aim of this course is to use and explore the fundamentals of dance, focusing mostly on some of the different forms of Arabic dance, but also some freestyle dance. It will help to improve posture, flexibility and balance. In learning specific dance moves it will also help to practice focus and allow an exploration into different types of music, as well as simply being fun.

  • Self Confidence – having the ability to meet and greet new people with confidence, learning about how important eye contact and engagement is as part of a performance and how that can translate into every-day life. Working towards a group performance that is so interdependent also helps to increase self-confidence and trust in the group.
  • Self-Expression – Dance is one of the ultimate forms of self-expression. We will learn how to dance as a group, but Arabic dance techniques can just as easily be used for personal self-expression – for the sheer joy of doing it even if no-one else is around.
  • Communication & Body Language – For thousands of years people have communicated through dance and music. It transcends language. It provides a way to demonstrate all the human emotions without the need for speech, using movement, expression and body language. We will explore some of the history of this as well as seeing how it affects our dancing and fits into contemporary life.
  • Imagination – Whilst we will be working on group dances, once the basic moves have been learned, pupils will be encouraged to make suggestions as to what music we could dance to and what moves they would like to put to that music. Arabic and freestyle dance require truly feeling the music and letting the body move to it in a way that comes from the heart as well as the head.