Key Stage 3

In KS3 all children receive three ICT/Computing lessons each week, lead by a specialist ICT teacher. Teaching covers a wide spectrum of packages, both specialist and generic. The scheme of work is mixed and follows some of the ICT and some of the Computing studies aspects.
Auckland College has recently upgraded ICT facilities.  We invested in 15 Chromebooks which are transported via their storage trolley safely to each class for their dedicated ICT lesson. The Chromebooks have filtered access to the internet and are monitored by the ICT teacher throughout each lesson via net support and also by our external network support contractor. Each student has their own login and e-mail address to access the Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education. Google Classroom is used most often and this is where their work, homework and resources are uploaded and stored, all of which is accessible outside of school.

The fundamental philosophy of the department is to ensure pupils are given opportunities to apply their ICT skills for different life purposes. It is therefore the responsibility of the pupils to design animations, make films, create posters and cards, make power points for different purposes, use spreadsheets and make games. All students are taught Internet Safety and know how to report to Childlike and CEOP.

Examples of pupils’ work in ICT and Computing are celebrated on wall displays in ICT lab and around the school. By Year 8, every pupil has designed their own game using programming software and by the end of Key Stage 3, all pupils have had a wide range of ICT experiences and software packages.

Key Stage 4

Specification: ICT OCR Cambridge Nationals

Examination: 25%

Coursework: 75%

At KS4 students will be completing 4 Units of ICT OCR Cambridge Nationals and this will provide them with a Cambridge Certificate in ICT, equivalent of 1 full GCSE.  The course is popular and broadly recognised by schools and colleges.

The Cambridge Nationals in ICT will equip learners with sound ICT skills for everyday use and provide opportunities to develop in context those desirable, transferable skills such as planning, research and analysis, working with others or communicating technical concepts effectively. They will also challenge all learners, including high attaining learners, by introducing them to demanding material and skills; encouraging independence and creativity; providing tasks that engage with the most demanding aspects of the National Curriculum.