The gaining of sound mathematical skills is considered to be a fundamental requirement for every pupil at Auckland College. As one of the core subjects it is central to the school curriculum and as such, every pupil at key stages 3 and 4 has at least 5 maths lessons per week – with additional lessons programmed in for those pupils who need extra support and weekly KS4 booster classes for those who need clarification on specific topics. An understanding of numeracy is invaluable and all pupils have mental maths work built into their learning.

We always seek to build children’s confidence in Maths and try to present the subject in variable and interesting ways, suitably differentiated for individual pupil’s needs. This includes solving mathematical puzzles, designing their own puzzles, building 2D and 3D geometric shapes and using practical, real life applications to aid in understanding.

There is a particular emphasis solving problems in real life contexts throughout key stages 3 and 4, as it is so important in the new GCSE curriculum and pupils need to get used to answering questions in that way at an early stage. We take pupils through a structured curriculum following the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 4

GCSE maths is recognised as one of the most important subjects in the curriculum and will help reach further levels of education in college, sixth form and university. Here at Auckland College we start the GCSE curriculum in year 9, following the 3 year GCSE pathway and giving pupils the maximum time to prepare for their new curriculum examinations. During that time, the focus is primarily on developing the core skills needed to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental mathematic principles and learning how to problem solve. The course is taught in a linear fashion, leading to three papers with OCR, comprising two calculator papers and one non-calculator paper, each on potentially any topic taught within the GCSE curriculum. We aim to build confidence and support pupils to help them reach their true potential, and give those pupils who are able, the opportunity to progress beyond what is usually expected for their year group.

For pupils whose achievement potential falls below the expected requirements for a GCSE pathway, we offer various functional skills pathways. The Mathematics Functional skills pathway Levels 1&2 follows the OCR specification, and is fully accredited. For students with more explicit learning requirements, entry level pathways are available. Functional Skills pathways evaluate a pupil’s ability to represent, analyse and interpret mathematical data.