The early years of a child’s education is critical in their overall personal development. At Auckland Pre-Prep we believe that making learning enjoyable at an early age stimulates a child’s  ideas and passion for learning, and has a positive impact on their ability to master the solid foundations of reading, writing and number work on which all future learning is based.

As a small, family school we find that children feel immediately comfortable in our happy, vibrant classrooms and do not find the transition from home or nursery overwhelming. Our children also greatly benefit from plenty of individual attention as we have very small classes, who are supported by a qualified, full time teacher and teaching assistant.By the time children leave our Pre-Prep to enter Reception Year we would expect them to be 12 months ahead in reading, writing and numeracy.

Our Pre-Prep School offers a unique educational and childcare programme which provides an independent education alongside inclusive 51 weeks childcare 7.30am to 6.00pm. The cost of our childcare is included within the school fees, making it excellent value for parents.