Auckland College Celebrates International Day, July 2023

by | Jul 6, 2023

On this special occasion of International Day, we came together at Auckland College to commemorate the diversity and richness of our school community. We embarked on a fascinating journey of preparing information about the countries linked to our pupils. This included sharing specific food, flags, national dress, language and special celebrations. We also conducted a survey of the different languages spoken within our school community and celebrated the uniqueness of each language.

To showcase our appreciation for this linguistic diversity, we took part in a creative endeavour of designing welcome signs in some of these languages. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that there are over 40 languages spoken among our students and their families. Some of our students possess fluency in these languages, while others exhibit impressive receptive knowledge. The ability to communicate in multiple languages is an extraordinary skill that empowers us to connect with people from different backgrounds and regions, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic world.

As a school, we take immense pride in nurturing this diverse linguistic talent within our students. International Day provided us with a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the richness of cultures and languages that thrive within our school community. We cherish the fact that our students possess this amazing skill, and we encourage them to continue exploring the beauty of languages and their power to foster unity and understanding.