Before entering school and leaving

Home ChecksParents to check childs general health prior to leaving for schoolParents ensure that students have a packet of tissues and hand sanitiser each dayParents to check cleanliness of students uniform shoes and bagsIf there are any signs of symptoms linked to Covid-19 then the child must remain at home and arrange for a test immediately
School Equipment & uniformPE kit should be worn by all students on their timetabled PE dayNo toys or comfort items should be brought inn/an/a
Students allowed into the buildingMarkings & signs about social distancing are placed outside for families to line up to enter the buildingOnly one parent of Early Years children to be allowed to take pupils to classrooms & collect and must wear a maskEveryone entering school must have their temperature taken and sanitise their hands (handwashing facilities are available in visitor toiletn/a
School Bus/transportPPE available and worn by the driverStudents in secondary to wear face coverings for entire journeyStudents to be distanced (where possible) and sat in family groups where possiblePupils temperature checked prior to entry on arrival at the school
School transport for PEPupils in Year 7-11 to wear face coveringsAll adults and driver to wear face covering; screen installed between front and rest of the busDriver to ensure additional PPE is available; bus to be well ventilated at all timesAny pupil travelling in the front must wear a face covering; an electrolytic disinfector is available for spraying down seats between journeys
StaffStaff will be given priority on entering the building an should wear a maskStaff temperature checked on entry and hands sanitisedStaff will maintain good personal hygiene standards throughout the dayStaff should continue to test twice per week
Leaving schoolSecondary pupils will wear a mask and will be led to the playground at 3pm and dismissed class by class from the nursery garden gateOne parent of Pre-Prep and Reception can collect children from classes as normal and will wear a maskParents of older children can request school office to send for children to reduce movementWalkie Talkies will be placed around school to support parents collecting their children
Children/Staff travelling by public transportAll those travelling by public transport must wear a mask unless exemptn/an/an/a

School Cleanliness and Classroom Procedure

Overall School CleanlinessNightly cleaning will continue to take place in all areas of the schoolSchool Housekeepers will clean key areas throughout the day including main touch points in the buildingSchool staff will clean key areas of classrooms at regular intervals throughout the dayMiss Boyd/Mr Ramsden will use the electrolytic disinfector at various points in the day moving around the school. Staff also have Electrolytic disinfectors as part of regular cleaning
Cleaning EquipmentSchool has a constant stock of appropriate cleaning equipment. Each class has an electrolytic disinfector and the necessary equipment to make itPPE available for all staff when cleaningLitter pickers available for use indoors and outdoorsLidded pedal bins are available in each classroom
ClassroomsAll unnecessary equipment is to be removed from rooms prior to returnAll bags and coats will be stored safely in roomAll rooms must be left free of clutter at all timesRooms are to be well ventilated at all times
Deep CleaningDeep cleaning equipment purchased. Electrostatic gun and Hypochlorous Acid (non-toxic and effective for 99.9% of all viruses) have been sourced and purchased for use to sanitise rooms safely and quicklyDaily deep cleaning to be carried out each nightRoutine cleaning using equipment will be carried out throughout the day in key areasn/a
School messagingRelevant signs to remain placed in key areas such as entrances stairways toilets and classroomsStudents will be reminded of all procedures each day during registrationCommunication between home and school will reinforce all messages (email ClassDojo Facebook Twittern/a

School Office

Protection for StaffSneeze screen installed at the officeCleaning schedule for communal equipment throughout the dayn/an/a
Delivery of post/parcelsDelivery drivers guided to leave parcels in dedicated locationParcels sprayed with disinfectantn/an/a
Parent enquiriesParents to make contact by telephone or e-mail where possibleParents present at reception should wear a mask and respect social distancingn/an/a
Parents entering the buildingOne Parent of pupils in Pre-Prep and Reception escort child to classroomParents of children in Year 1-6 should notify the office that they are here and the wait outsideAll persons should observe distance from other familiesParents entering the building must wear a mask

Staff and students who show signs of symptoms

At school entrance with parentsIf temperature screening shows signs of Covid-19 symptoms (37.8 or +) child to return home with parent/staff member to return home for isolation and testingCleaning schedule for communal equipment throughout the dayn/an/a
At school without parentsIf health screening and temperature shows signs of Covid-19 then student will be given a face mask and be moved to an isolation room to await pick up by parent. Household to isolate and arrange testingIf a child/staff develops symptoms (cough/temp/loss of taste or smell) throughout the day PPE will be put on by child and staff and they will be moved to isolation room until parent can collect to arrange testingAll PPE used during this time must be placed in a waste bin and hands washed thoroughly. The isolation room should be suitably cleanedn/a

Access to washing facilities and PPE

Face coveringsStudents in Secondary should wear a mask. They will be encouraged to clean hands before and after removing. They will be required to provide their own face coversIf students are not old enough to wear or use a face cover then they should not be encouraged to do soStaff members are permitted to wear should wear masks moving around the building and those teaching secondary should wear them within class. They will be encouraged to clean their hands before and after removingn/a
Other PPEAll types of PPE are available for staff when required during their normal duties: first aid cleaning intimate care etcPPE Kit box created for isolation bayTissues sanitiser disinfectant and adequate disposal facilities are available in each roomAll classrooms have a bag of PPE in case any students/staff become symptomatic throughout the day
Hand sanitising and washingStudents will wash or sanitise their hands at all change points throughout the day e.g. lunch/breakExtra hand sanitising facilities are available in all roomsHand washing facilities have been installed in the playgroundAdditional toilets with handwashing have been installed in both Year 5 classrooms between the Science Lab and Art Studio and also on the playground

Teaching Logistics and distancing

Class sizesClass sizes will return to normalResources will be easily cleanedn/an/a
Change in teaching practiceTeachers will place themselves appropriately within classroomsTeachers may reduce movement around the room (age appropriate)Increased use in self-assessment to reduce close contact within Secondaryn/a
Movement around schoolStaff and Year 7-11 will wear masksOne-way system for top floor classes to be followed. Arrows will show direction of movementn/an/a
Staff InteractionIf staff room is filled so that distances outside of close contact cannot be maintained then alternative rooms should be usedn/an/an/a
PlaytimesPlaytimes will remain staggeredPupils in Year 7-11 will wear masks and everyone will sanitise their hands upon re-entry to the building at the end of playtimesn/an/a
LunchtimeLunch staff will wear PPELunchtimes will remain staggeredAn extra staff room will be allocatedn/a
Providing care to an upset or injured child (age dependent)Only necessary minimal physical contact will be madeStaff will wear PPE to provide first aidn/an/a

Continued Learning

Online learning in the event of a closureEach teacher and class affected by the closure will provide online learning for each lesson of the dayAll pupils will be expected to join in online learning where possiblen/an/a
Online learning in the event of a family feeling unsafe to returnParents will be guided towards useful resourcesStaff will post the classwork the class will be completing that dayTeachers will be available between 3-4pm to assist where possibleSchool SENDCo/SLT will check in to assist any students with Learning difficulties