The early years of a child’s education is critical in their overall personal development. At Auckland Pre-Prep we believe that making learning enjoyable at an early age stimulates a child’s  ideas and passion for learning, and has a positive impact on their ability to master the solid foundations of reading, writing and number work on which all future learning is based.

As a small, family school we find that children feel immediately comfortable in our happy, vibrant classrooms and do not find the transition from home or nursery overwhelming. Our children also greatly benefit from plenty of individual attention and are supported by a qualified, full time teacher and teaching assistants. By the time children leave our Pre-Prep to enter Reception Year we would expect them to be 12 months ahead in reading, writing and numeracy.

Our Pre-Prep School offers a unique educational and childcare programme which provides an independent education alongside inclusive 51 weeks childcare 7.30am to 6.00pm. The cost of our childcare is included within the school fees, making it excellent value for parents.



Teachers’ plans are structured carefully to encourage our pre-prep pupils to take daily, small steps to develop their confidence and enjoyment for learning. We foster skills in reading, language and number work that are central to a solid foundation in learning and our pre-prep pupils are ready to be introduced to the National Curriculum in literacy and numeracy when they enter our Reception Year.

We use the Letterland programme to deliver phonics, which helps to develop our children’s reading and we encourage an avid interest in reading, with every classroom having a cosy reading corner so children can enjoy reading time. We aim to hear readers daily and focus on a love and enjoyment of reading.

All of our Pre-Prep pupils are taught Spanish and P.E by specialist teachers, and we have access to the best sports facilities in the city for our weekly PE lessons. Specialist teaching is also available in subject areas chosen as part of our enhanced curriculum.

Our classrooms are interactive and our dedicated suite of Chromebooks is rotated around the classrooms to provide ICT lessons for pupils within their own classrooms.

Education and fun visits are also an important part of our learning with visits to local farms and parks and theatre and cinema trips. We also welcome visitors to our school to talk about particular areas of interest.



Our school day is carefully planned to give a balance of adult-led and child-led activities. and we adapt the planned activities to individual children in order to reflect their particular skills, interests and development needs.

We record an online learning journey for each child in Pre Prep through to Reception Year using a system called eyLog (early years Log). eyLog allows staff to capture a photo, a video clip or a voice recording, as well as written notes using a tablet computer and these observations from staff members are then uploaded to a secure web-based learning journey to which parents have access to.

We believe that using online learning journeys will allow both a rich body of evidence to support our partnership with parents and to help us plan for individual children’s development, and of course a wonderful keepsake for parents to share with their children.

All data is held in encrypted form and is accessed subject to a secure login and password.  The only people who can access a child’s learning journey are the relevant staff (Headteacher, Teacher, Classroom Assistant) and the child’s parents.