The Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum at Auckland College is has been designed to support our students to manage their academic, personal and social lives positively.

The curriculum nurtures a growth mindset, enhances a sense of belonging and promotes healthy relationships with self and others.

Through careful and age-appropriate conversations and educational activities our students become well informed about the world around them, are interested and eager to learn more and are aware of the need for social and moral responsibility.  

Across the school our students have a dedicated weekly PSHE session in their timetable with clear focuses in lessons including: wellbeing, mental health, personal development, diversity, equality, and clear links between PSHE and safeguarding. These sessions include: discussions, practical workshops, awareness days and even guest speakers, to help engage students and enrich their learning experiences.

Through our PSHE Wider Curriculum we are building the skills our students need to thrive in an ever-widening global community.