Effective school leadership is the oversight of everyday life within Auckland College, we focus on following the vision of the school ‘Every Pupil Matters, Every Moment Counts’. The board of Directors made up of CEO and Founder (Anthony Akaraonye), Executive Director and Founder (Gillian Akaraonye) and Director of Quality Assurance (Olimpia Malaescu) meet on a regular basis (at least 3 times per term) together with the Head and Deputy Head of the school.

The Board of Directors play an active role in school and meet also with staff and school leaders at all levels. Feedback is gained on a daily basis from our Executive Director and Founder (Gillian Akaraonye) who sits at the front of house and receives direct feedback from pupils, parents and teachers on a daily basis, which is delivered to the school leadership team and to Board Members. Gillian has over 26 years in education and vast teaching experience which she uses to support staff development through mentoring and guidance. Gillian has direct responsibility for financial planning linked to the day to day running of the school and its future development objectives.

Planning for school development and capital expenditure is overseen by the Board linked to the objectives and targets set for the school as part of its ongoing school development plan.

Quality assurance activities are led by the Director of Quality Assurance (Olimpia Malaescu) who meets with the school leadership team regularly to measure outputs from specified objectives and targets. She will oversee information from school performance data and scrutiny and undertake internal inspections as part of the schools focus on output and outcome indicators. Information from inspections is shared with the school leadership team and the Board of Directors for further direction and action.

The CEO is a previously experienced senior management board member of Liverpool City Council Social Services Directorate (Director of Children’s Services, Anthony Akaraonye) he meets regularly with the Head and school leadership supporting their development and focusing on school development and standards.

The Board of Directors are fully committed to the ethos of our a school and continually seeking to raise standards aimed at ensuring our pupils receive quality educational opportunities and experiences, in a safe and caring environment.

The board receives regular termly reports on performance from the Head and school leadership team which are used to identify areas for further development and attention.