We see each child as an individual having individual needs, individual skills and individual aspirations. 

As a school we recognise that many children need support at various points in their learning journey, and we strive hard to provide interventions when they are most needed.

We genuinely value diversity at Auckland. We want our school to be an inclusive one where judgments about individuals and comparisons between them are not made. This is a principle that we work hard to instill in our learners; that they too should value and respect each other’s differences no matter how diverse they may be.

We truly understand that children develop at different rates and we know that all will achieve different things in life – but all achievements are equally valuable.

We are keen to work with our parents, carers and children in an open and honest way. We know that some types of conversations are not always easy, but we also know that it is important to have those difficult conversations to enable progress to be made.

If a child is not making expected improvements in terms of English or Mathematics,  or is experiencing challenges in areas such as social skills, concentration or with emotional well- being, we can provide advice and assistance to explore these aspects.

Learning Support is a tailored experience in our school, dependent on age, needs and ability levels. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ system. Some pupils have open door access to learning support, others have support in the classroom, and still others have small group booster support for a variety of skills.

The SENDCO is skilled and experienced as a specialist over many years, and is able to signpost families to the appropriate specialists for diagnostic or therapeutic work.  As an Independent School, not part of a maintained school system, charging can apply for some types of specialist assessments or interventions, but this will always be discussed with families in advance.

Parents of children already on roll, should feel free to contact the SENDCO at any time to discuss concerns confidentially in the first instance.

For Admissions relating to a child with Special Educational Needs, following an initial meeting with our admissions department, parents will be advised to have an honest and open conversation with the SENDCO as they start their initial approaches to the school to determine if the school may be a good fit for the child and their needs.