Built on strong principles of respect, tolerance and self discipline, Auckland College has gone from strength to strength since it opened in 2001.

The school has developed a core staff group who share and enhance the ethos of the school and are deeply committed to the school and our aims for the future. It is our ambition that Auckland College will develop into a school that becomes part of the rich heritage of the city for many years to come.

Central to the school vision is our motto “Every pupil matters, every moment counts” as not only do we support academic progress, but the pastoral approach we provide helps greatly with the development of tolerance and self-confidence as an individual. Bullying, racism and sexism are non-existent in the school and this is engrained in the school’s ethos and reflected in the attitude of the pupils.

We are a family school, who place great importance on the happiness of the pupils in our care as part of their overall educational and personal progress. Visitors to our school often comment on the positive atmosphere, and happy and friendly pupils at Auckland College.

We fell in love with the school on our first visit, we loved the fact that all of the children and staff knew each other and that the kids were all so polite and happy! – Mother of Pre-Prep and Prep School pupils

Our aim is to prepare pupils to enter the world as individuals, fully equipped with the skills needed to be successful and happy in both their careers and personal lives whilst making a valuable and long-lasting contribution to the wider community.

We place enrichment at the heart of everything we do to ensure that every child develops to their full potential both academically and personally and offer enhanced curriculum subject areas and a range of extra curricular activities.

We are proud of the academic performance of our pupils, but we also recognise the important role of other qualities such as creativity, leadership and team working that contribute to an individual child’s personal progress and development.

“The school’s culture actively promotes pupils’ well-being so that they feel safe and secure.” Outstanding Ofsted Report May 2019