Key Stage 3

Throughout Year 7 to 9, pupils’ learning will follow the National Curriculum. They will learn how to analyse historical sources and to develop their research skills. They will study British history from the days of the Norman Invasion up to the end of the Victorian era, covering topics such as Henry VIII, the English Civil War and the Industrial Revolution.

Pupils are given an internally controlled assessment at the end of each half-term. This will be based on the topic they have been studying during that period and will consist of either a written composition, comprehension task or a presentation. The result is then factored into a pupil’s class work to produce an attainment level for each half-term.

Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11, pupils study the OCR GCSE syllabus. The course consists of two external examinations: Unit A011 concerns twentieth-century international relations such as the WWI peace treaties, Nazi Germany and the Cold War. Unit A021 focuses on British society just prior to WWI.

In addition, Unit A010 requires pupils to produce a 2,000 word project under internally controlled assessment.  This unit of work will be based on an aspect of American history during the period 1919-1939, such as intolerance and segregation.