At Auckland College pupils in Key Stage 3 and 4 have five 1-hour lessons of Science per week. During their study of Science we help them to develop an understanding of the key concepts of science, which will allow pupils to use these in unfamiliar situations and to use scientific methods of investigation. This will help them to make successful, disciplined enquiries and use ideas to solve relevant problems within Science. We have a fully equipped science lab which allows us to carry out relevant investigations and experiments safely.

Key Stage 4

Science A:

GCSE Science A encourages all learners to be inspired, motivated and challenged, providing  pupils at Auckland with an insight into and experience of how science works, stimulates the learners’ curiosity and encourages them to engage with science in their everyday lives and to make informed choices about further study and about career choices.
Pupils completing the Science A route will achieve one GCSE in Science, having successfully completed 3 Units in each of the three areas of Science: Biology1, (25%) Chemistry 1 (25%) and Physics (25%) along with a practical assessment unit (25%).

Additional Science:

Additional Science units are composed of – Biology2 (25%), Chemistry2 (25%), Physics2 (25%) – units and the Practical Unit (25%) these have the same weighting as the Science A but the combination of all 6 units and 2 practical examinations over year 10 and 11 and  result in obtaining two GCSE grades in year 11.  Additional Science is only essential to those pupils who are considering to take A level sciences post 16.

Separate Science:

Separate Science is an individual GCSE for each subject; Biology and/or Chemistry and/or Physics with each subject consisting of three assessed units (75%) and one controlled practical assessment (25%).  Separate Science is only essential to those pupils who are considering to take A level sciences post 16.  Separate science is taught one day a week after school.

Entry Level Science:

For pupils whose achievement potential falls below the expected requirements for a GCSE pathway, we offer various entry level pathways. The Science entry level pathway follows the OCR specification, and is fully accredited.